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Discover revolutionary personalized skincare.

UNIVERSKIN™ makes it possible to address multiple skin concerns with ONE custom made serum. Your formula is refined over time to adapt to your changing lifestyle, age, and skin conditions.

What conditions can UNIVERSKIN™ improve?

To design your formula, an extensive skin analysis is conducted by one of our experts. A combination of up to 3 active ingredients are selected to best address your skin issues and are added to the UNIVERSKIN™ P serum. In less than 1 minute your custom formula is prepared just for you!

5 Steps to Beautiful Skin

A skin evaluation and questionnaire is completed. The diagnosis of your skin enables your skin care specialist to properly prepare your custom formula.

Your USS skincare specialist determines the appropriate combination of active ingredients for your skin. Up to 3 actives are selected from 19 available ingredients.

In less than one minute, your personalized formula is prepared through a patented process.

Use your serum as instructed, morning and/or evening.

After 6-8 weeks follow up with your skin care provider to re-evaluate and refine your formula accordingly.

Opus plasma treatments

UNIVERSKIN™ customized skincare is the result of a specific mix of evidence-based dermo cosmetic active ingredients, added to a sophisticated emulsion base. The UNIVERSKIN™ Serum P base contains omega 3, hyaluronic acid, vitamin E and biomimetic peptides which on its own can help to soothe inflamed skin.

Up to three active ingredients are added to the serum base in order to meet your specific needs. UNIVERSKIN’s™ delivery method avoids the use of classical chemical preservatives so that even the fragile actives, freshly integrated in the emulsion basis, are delivered with optimal efficacy.

Laser Hair Removal Areas

Frequently Asked Questions

Due to the custom nature of the line, everyone can use UNIVERSKIN™ . Determining your individual skincare requirements enables your skincare expert to tailor your formula and adjust as needed.

The freshness and purity of the actives have a suggested shelf life of 8 weeks to ensure their effectiveness. In some cases, you may need to keep your mixture refrigerated.

There is no sunscreen SPF protection in your custom serum. The use of sunscreen as part of your daily routine will help protect your skin from sun damage. Our skincare experts will assist you with an appropriate sunscreen.

Yellow: Stressed skin, cellular oxidation. Oxidants and pollutants in our everyday lifestyle can speed up the aging process. UNIVERSKIN™ Yellow actives can make your skin appear younger and brighter.

Pink: Wrinkles, loss of volume. As we age, we tend to experience a loss of volume and loosening of the skin. UNIVERSKIN™ Pink actives will help give your skin a fuller, smoother appearance.

Red: Inflammation, redness. UNIVERSKIN™ Red actives provide relief for inflamed skin due to various skin irritations.

Blue: Dry skin. We can experience dry skin all year round, but especially during harsh Canadian winters. UNIVERSKIN™ Blue actives to rebuild a good quality hydrolipidic film and help to rehydrate the skin.

Grey: Thick skin. UNIVERSKIN Grey actives improve the skin texture.

Orange: Oily Skin. UNIVERSKIN Orange actives help reduce the production of sebum.

Brown: Pigmentation or brown spots. UNIVERSKIN™ Brown actives restore your skin’s natural, even colour and tone after pigmentation or Post Inflammatory Pigment Alteration (PIPA).

Green: Unbalanced cutaneous flora. When imbalanced, your skin microbiota can cause cutaneous imperfections. UNIVERSKIN™ Green actives can help soothe and balance for clearer skin that can improve self-confidence and quality of life.

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