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Why IV Iron works better for some?

Some people may have side effects from oral iron pills, or have difficulty absorbing oral iron. It can also take many months of oral pills to reach the same dose as what can be given in a single IV iron infusion.

What is iron?

Iron is a mineral that is part of hemoglobin which carries oxygen in blood. Iron helps produce red blood cells.

If your iron is low, you may have a low red blood cell count (called anemia). As a result, your blood carries less oxygen to the cells in your body. This can make you feel weak, tired and look pale.


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Who should receive intravenous (IV) iron therapy?

You should receive IV iron therapy if you cannot tolerate or absorb oral iron, or if you have severe iron deficiency anemia, or at the discretion of your ordering physician. Blood work values may reflect:

  • Low red blood cells – hemoglobin level less than 110 g/L
  • Low iron level – ferritin under 30 g/L (micrograms per litre), or under 100 g/L with iron saturation less than 20%.

What are the side effects of IV iron?

Generally, when side effects do occur, they are mild and settle down on their own. The most common side effects are temporary and include:

  • Headache, feeling sick or vomiting, muscle or joint pain Changes in taste (eg. metallic)
  • Changes to blood pressure or pulse
    Skin staining (brown discolouration) may occur due to leakage of iron into the tissues around the needle (drip) site. This is not common but the stain can be long lasting or permanent. Inform the doctor or nurse right away of any discomfort, burning, redness or swelling at the needle (drip) site.
  • Although very uncommon, some people may have a serious allergic reaction. In rare cases this can be life threatening. You will be closely monitored while IV iron is given, and for 30 minutes after.
  • Sometimes side effects (eg. headache, muscle or joint pain) can start 1 to 2 days later. Mostly they will settle down by themselves over the next couple of days. If they worry you or interfere with your daily activities contact your doctor or infusion centre for advice. If you have chest pain, trouble breathing, dizziness or neck / mouth swelling, please seek urgent medical attention
After receiving IV iron therapy, you will be monitored for 30 minutes to make sure you do not have an allergic reaction or a drop in blood pressure. After the infusion, you can drive yourself home and return to your usual activities. If you have side effects, they may last up to 1 week after the infusion and will usually go away on their own. Tylenol can be used to treat headache and muscle aches.

Which forms of IV iron will be offered and what is the administration fee?

IV iron

How will I pay for my IV iron therapy?

Your private insurance provider may cover the cost of your IV iron therapy through your insurance plan. You may need to provide the drug identification number listed here:





* We will arrange for delivery of your medication to the clinic for your treatment

Iv iron therapy

IV Vitamin Therapy

IV Vitamin Therapy delivers high doses of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids in customized combinations to help support a variety of concerns including sleep, immunity, hydration, and much more.

IV vitamin therapy was pioneer by Dr. John Myers, and he formulated what is now referred to as the Myers’ Cocktail. This is a blend of water-soluble vitamins and minerals administered by an intravenous drip. With this delivery mechanism, there is better absorption compared to any other form of nutrient delivery.

The standard Myers’ Cocktail consists of magnesium, calcium, vitamin B-5, vitamin B-6 (pyridoxine), vitamin B-12, vitamin B complex, and vitamin C. Vitamin C is an important antioxidant that stimulates the immune system and aids in fighting bacterial and viral infections.



Glutathione IV


$175 per session

Glutathione is a substance naturally produced by our cells from amino acids that are found mainly in fruits and vegetables. This hardworking molecule acts as a major antioxidant, free radical scavenger, and an essential component of liver detoxification. In addition to protecting cells against the destructive effects of free radicals and detoxifying harmful substances such as drugs and environmental pollutants, it has also been studied in the treatment of a number of serious medical conditions including Parkinson’s Disease, heart disease, kidney disease, HIV and cancer.

Unfortunately increasing your glutathione levels is not as easy as popping a supplement pill. Scientific studies have shown that it does not absorb well from the gut. To get around this problem, therapeutic doses of glutathione are administered intravenously. Intravenous infusion is currently the most powerful way to offer protection to the body with a tool that is quick, safe, and effective.

Uneven skin tone treatment with Glutathione IV ​
Our Glutathione IV drip includes other ingredients to help boost it’s effectiveness including:
Glutathione IV helps with:

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